About Triometry

Triometry Inc was incorporated in 1998 to provide interactive consulting services for small businesses which could not afford full time agency or in-house development support. Our services evolve with the industry and have resulted in retaining many of our clients for over 9 years. The wide range of clients and industries we serve have kept us agile and our tool-set sharpened to handle any development challenge. We pull from a long list of programmers, copywriters and designers to gather the best possible team for your interactive endeavor. Part of our process involves researching your industry in detail to provide the best possible solution for your needs. This due diligence results in a 95% approval rate for our proposals. Contact us today to let us discuss your current development needs.

Matt Miquelon - President

“The internet is a fad...”

Those words were actually uttered when Matt Miquelon decided to give up commercial photography in 1998, in order to pursue a new path.

In 1996, ‘the web’ was still a world of blinking links and seizure-inducing color schemes and not a part of daily life as it is today. While managing the three-person photo department of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Matt helped create the Internet•Technology-Media (ITM) Group, which was formed to find innovative educational uses for technology and this ‘new’ media. Producing interactive teaching and testing tools for the UMKC School of Nursing and Truman Medical Center led him to found Triometry with two other members of the ITM Group. Triometry incorporated in April of 1998.

Still not convinced if this 'internet thing' was going to last, Matt took a job with Andrews McMeel Universal in 1999 as Mac Desktop Support but was quickly promoted to Web Producer for uclick, the online syndication unit of Universal Press Syndicate. His main responsibilities involved working with the syndicated creators along with in-house designers, programmers and writers in developing online homes for News of the Weird, Doonesbury, Foxtrot, Non Sequitur, Ziggy, Dear Abby, Kathy and numerous others.Matt Miquelon

Working with Garry Trudeau for six years as Producer of Doonesbury.com has been one of the highlights of Matt’s career. Entertaining political humor, Flash games, polls and other features kept the interest of over 2 million unique users per month. Matt also managed the eventual transition of Doonesbury.com to an MSN partner-site in 2003 and it’s eventual integration into the Washington Post’s Slate.com in 2005.

During his tenure at uclick, Matt also maintained and expanded the Triometry client roster but the hours of maintaining both jobs were starting to burn him out.

Finding himself at a crossroad, Matt finally decided that the internet was here to stay and left uclick in May of 2005 to focus on Triometry’s web development efforts full time.

In March 2008, after the sale and departure of a large, marquee client and concrete signs of the damaged economy already beginning to appear , Matt accepted a contract with Barkley (formerly Barkley & Evergreen) to develop a new site for the 2008 Lee Jeans National Denim Day. He was asked to join the firm full-time in September of 2008 as Senior Integrator. The economic downturn led to a layoff in Nov. of 2010. Work for Barkley included a flagship site for Sonic Drive-Ins , desktop sites for Limeades for Learning, H&R Block and New Era and mobile sites for Sonic and New Era. (See the portfolio page for a list of past projects)

Matt is currently under contract with VML and working on a wide-range of front-end development work for SouthWest Airlines, Sprint, Carlson Hotels,Gatorade and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Association.

Matt lives in downtown Kansas City with his two cats, Coco and Spooky. Travel, Interactive Design, Art and Music are his passions and his pet peeves are cigar smoke and rude people.